Anti-ageing hand sanitiser retinol & hyaluronic acid serum



Supercharge the results of your hygienic hand care regime. Reducing the appearance of fine lines in just 4 weeks, Hygeia boosts skin’s natural collagen production to resurface and renew the complexion. The innovative formula has all the anti-ageing, radiance-boosting and clarifying benefits of Retinol, plus the benefits of low irritation Aloe and Glycirin. But armed with high-performance Hyaluronic acid, it is able to provide visible results significantly faster and with longer lasting results.

The natural low viscosity and aqua like serum sinks effortlessly into skin to nurture and smooth the complexion. Featuring a natural comforting and very neutral aroma of fresh water meadows, it leaves skin strengthened, hydrated and ready for active rejuvenation.


Clinical-grade vitamin A, otherwise known as retinoic acid, is an exceptionally powerful skincare ingredient for youthful-looking skin. Highly potent and efficacious, it is able to trigger cellular regeneration and collagen production to fight all visible signs of ageing. Retinoic acid is only available with a prescription, but vitamin A is available over the counter in the form of retinol skincare products.

The advanced active is carefully encapsulated in a soothing serum that is broken down by the skin’s natural enzymes when topically applied. This ensures maximum stability and absorption while allowing the vitamin A active to be released gradually into the skin. Combined with hydrating hyaluronic acid and skin-soothing vitamin E, Hygeia targets fine lines and wrinkles for smooth and visibly youthful skin.

How to use Hygeia

Here is how to add retinol to your daily hand care routine: 

  1. Use the sanitiser together with the serum. The alcohol will sanitise and evaporate rapidly then the benefit of the Retinol and Hyaluronic acid serum will sooth, smooth and brighten your hands.
  2. Use Hygeia in place of other alcohol-based sanitisers.
  3. If your hands are in need of additional soothing, you can apply a pea sized amount of the serum and massage into your hands.